This facility provides state of the art NMR equipment. Instrumentations presently available include a HCN cryoprobe on an Agilent Inova 600 MHz NMR spectrometer and an autosampler (50 positions),  a TXI cryoprobe on a Bruker 600 MHz AVIII spectrometer equipped with a SampleJet autosampler (480 positions, 6ºC storage) and a TXI on a 800 MHz equipped with a SampleJet autosampler (480 positions, 6ºC storage)  available for collaboration.

All these intsruments are devoted for high throughput NMR  to high resolution liquid state NMR experiments related to biological and chemical sciences, in particular:

Macromolecule – ligand screening and 3D structure of macromolecules-fragment analyses by:

1D NMR experiment:
– STD (see details)
– WaterLogsy (see details)

2D NMR experiment:
– NOESY, ILOE, INPHARMA (see details)
– HSQC, NOESY (see details)

3D NMR experiment:
– 13C and 15N edited and triple resonance experiments