International Conferences

– NMR applications in FBDD regarding fragment binding mode and framgent-induced protein conformational change.
Zing Conference – Fragment-Based Drug Discovery, 2014,
19th-22th July, Punta cana, Dominican republic
– New Developments in NMR, Drug Discovery Chemistry 2014, 23th-25th April, San Diego, USA
–  NMR approaches in Fragment-Based Drug Design.
German-French Conference ChemBioInteract 2013, 4th October , Lyon, France
– NMR-Based Characterisation of protein-fragment complexes.
Drug Discovery Congress 2013, Munich, Germany
– Ligand speci city in fragment-based Drug design.
Drug discovery Chemistry 2011, 23th-25th April, San Diego, USA
– Fragment-based deconstruction of Bcl-xL inhibitors.
ICMRBS, August 2010, Cairns, Australia

National Conferences

Clementine Aguirre, Tim tenBrink. Isabelle Krimm Ligand binding mode by NMR in FBDD. Springer days of the French society of chemistry. June 2012, Lyon, France.  Best poster Award.

Clementine Aguirre, Tim tenBrink, Isabelle Krimm Ligand binding mode by NMR in FBDD. Rhone-Alpes NMR day, July 2012, Grenoble, France. Poster gold Spin award.

Publication noted in F1000 biology

Fragment-based deconstruction of Bcl-xL inhibitors

Publications with comments on the blog of Dan Erlanson  editor of Fragment-Based approaches in Drug Discovery, Wiley and Teddy Zartler editor of Fragment-Based Drug Discovery, Wiley

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